Final Day

It was the final week of SOP, and everyone was tasked to bring food, but a few of us weren’t able to bring. We were also a bit unprepared with the programs, but mostly prepared, just a few minor details. We lounged around near gate 1 for quite a bit since one of us was running late, but he arrived eventually and we all went on our way.


By the time we got there, they already had the tables set up and the pancit that they cooked was already pretty much finished cooking. We started off with a few games where a lot of the kids enjoyed and afterwards we started eating. Everyone was having a good time eating the food they worked hard to prepare. During that time I was able to get a few pictures with the family I was with. Afterwards, we had a few presentations like a song.

Near the end, our teacher said words which really enriched the experience. One of the people of the compound also said a few words which also enriched the experience. We had to say our goodbyes after that, with all the things we’ve learned to be remembered.

From all the four weeks of SOP, I really learned a lot. Of the lifestyle of the people here and how hard they have it, and also how hard they work and all the lessons they’ve gained due to it. Thanks to talking with them, I have also been able to learn a few of the lessons they have learned and hopefully I can use them in my life in the near or distant future. I am really thankful to the family I’ve been with since they welcomed me and were kind, and open to telling me all their stories which allowed me to learn.


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