First Day

During the first day of the SOP, I was a bit nervous because i wasn’t really sure of what would really happen,but when we finished, I don’t think I should have been that nervous at all. For our SOP, we had to go to Barangay Salapan where I met a woman in her 50s. Her name was Corazon, she lived with her husband and her youngest child, her youngest child’s wife and his kids.  While I was there, I got to learn about their livelihood and how their general lifestyle was.

When we went to the Barangay, we had to stop by the barangay hall first, and then after a few minutes, we went on our way to the actual destination.

When we arrie feel a bit guilty as she wasn’t able to sell thatved, we were split up, one person to one family. As I said earlier the first person is met was Corazon.  We talked for a while about her livelihood, how she sells vegetables every weekend during the mornings. This made me a little guilty because she couldn’t sell that day because we came to visit. She told me how she had to buy vegetables during midnight and then only being able to sell at a certain time in the morning and I think at a certain time during the evening too. She sells with her husband. The rest of the day she told me stories of how she and her family went to manila, and that she has Asthma. I also got to meet the various members of her family, such as her husband, her son, his wife and his kids. She also had a small cat and a dog. I also learned that part of their house got destroyed due to Ondoy.  I spent the whole SOP time talking to them.

This made me feel very lucky, as I didn’t have to endure all these trials they had. It allowed me to appreciate my life more. It also made me feel sorry for her and her family, as not only did part of their house get destroyed, one of her dogs also died because she and her husband were stuck in the place where they sell vegetables during Ondoy.

Next week, we are supposed to help them with things they need to be done. I think this could be fun because I get to learn how to do things ,and I get to help them out at the same time. It will also feel good helping them because they’re already a bit old and they might appreciate the help I might be able to give.



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