Second Day

As the second day arrived, I had in mind that we were supposed to help the people, rather the people we met last week with their daily chores and the like, when I asked the person to whom I went to last week if they still had anything needed to be done, she said no. So instead, we spent pretty much the whole time simply chatting. We talked about life and what other things they did and things that happened. I also learned about the people who owned the houses and land near where they live. It was interesting hearing all the stories she had to share , and I learned a lot.

As the day went on, she showed me the place and made me look at the houses near us that people used to own, and the people who used to own them. In the past, the wall that was near the house was much shorter and it had very beautiful flowers and plants, which the family enjoyed. The owner of the house was also pretty generous as he gave gifts during christmas and on other times. Other than that we talked about what happens when it floods. I learned of how high the flood reached when it was Ondoy, and the casualty and how many people suffered during that time.

That day, her husband and grandchildren weren’t there because they went to somewhere for an interaction, so i only got talk to her , corazon that is that day.

I also learned quite a bit that day, like how the people there went with with lives or what do they do during typhoons. like how Ondoy was for them or what they are doing right now. This also taught me good life lesons and how to be to other people, and a few good deeds and teachings that will be good to follow in the future.
Interacting with these people allowed me to learn things I might have not learned in the near future, or at all, because I learned of things from experience, which is the best kind of learning there is. I wonder if i’ll learn anything new next week and we head back to the barangay.
All in all this week was pretty fun. Even though there was no chores to do, I got to learn much more about her and her life. Which was a very enriching learning experience.

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