Third Day

It was the third week of SOP,  and it was time  to meet my assigned family again. I woke up a bit late today because I slept late. I hurried to school and Luckily, it was still quite a while before we left. As usual, we left around 8.

I was quite familiar with my partner already so i could talk more comfortably with them. That day, my teacher went with me to visit them as she hasn’t visited them since the first week and she wanted to. They talked for quite a bit while i listened in. Afterwards, before she left, I inquired about what we were going to do next week. For the Rest of the day we just talked, her husband was there too so I got to talk with him and learn more about him as well.

Next week, we were planning to hold some sort of gathering with them. We would bring food and they would cook it and we’d have some sort of program.

As we were leaving the people there were already planning about next week and how they were going to do it.

This week I was able to learn even more about the life of Corazon and even her husband now as he was there to talk that time. I learned a few more lessons in life and more about them.


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