Blog Entry# 1 A Technological Twist

For most of our lives, We have been using computers for everyday tasks like doing projects and research but, We have never actually used laptops in class everyday.The coming the One2One Program combined with our the new grading system, I feel that the way class happens will definitely be different.

For starters,having the laptops with us during every class is a very new and exciting experience for us ,since many of us enjoy using laptops for things like leisure and research.I think our class will change both for better and for worse due to this.For better,since we have laptops I think we can copy notes faster and more efficiently and if ever we need to research we can do so by just opening a web browser and searching.For worse, I think  the laptops are capable of distracting our attentions from the teacher during class since we can get tempted to surf the web and go to our favorite sites.In my opinion the addition of the laptops are a good thing for us students since it allows us to do so much more in the classroom.

Every year or so,Xavier comes up with a new system to try something new and this One2One learning program is definitely something new.As it brings new things to the table and it also allows our classes to be faster and more efficient since we all have a computer to use.



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